• We believe that man and women are biologically different1, but perfectly complementary, and support traditional family values.
  • We utterly condemn gender-division ideology, which has harmed women2 as much as men.
  • We believe that the Big State has sought to emasculate men & boys.3
  • We are unyielding advocates of free speech; we seek to defend the Open Society against its enemies.

A Sampling of Men & Boys’ Issues

  • The rate of suicide in males is 3.8 times greater than that of females4; suicide is the leading cause of death in males under 45.
  • 90% of rough sleepers are male.
  • Young men & boys are at a systemic disadvantage within the education system, from age 55 to university6.
  • Grossly inequitable treatment of sexes within the criminal justice system7; 5 of 6 male prisoners would not be incarcerated if treated as leniently as females8.
  • Due to highly politicised character of the CPS9, females are encouraged by the legal system to launch false allegations of sexual misconduct against males.
  • Actual sexual assault of males is ignored10, especially when perpetrated by females; likewise, domestic violence against males by females is also ignored11
  • Men have zero rights in paternity; paternity fraud is rife12.
  • Family courts discriminate outrageously against men13; 1 in 3 fathers do not live with their children, typically against their wishes.

What We Do

We provide a support network for men facing injustice and for likeminded men & women who wish to help fight against such injustice. Please get in touch, either for yourself or on behalf of someone close to you. If we cannot help you, we endeavour to find and direct you to those who can.

  • Our Talks Service delivers lectures about Men’s Issues to Schools, Universities, Civic Societies and Professional Associations. Do you wish to arrange for a lecture to be delivered to your organisation? Contact us.
  • We offer practical assistance to Men in crisis; we advise the best path through bureaucracy in order to gain support from other services (where they exist).
  • We hope to provide pro bono advice and legal services as soon as we have sufficient legal expertise in our midst. Perhaps you can help?


Are you willing to help? We welcome supporters, both male and female, who share our outlook.

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